Law Office of Conde Cox

Mr. Cox is a business litigation attorney, with extensive experience in federal court litigation and bankruptcy court cases, including Receiverships, Chapter 11 Cases, Chapter 12 Cases, Chapter 13 Cases, Chapter 7 Cases, and all related 'adversary matters' and 'contested matters,' on behalf of creditors, debtors, asset buyers, landlords, business owners/insiders/spouses, litigation parties, and others affected by insolvency and bankruptcy.  Mr. Cox also handles trademark infringement litigation in federal court and trademark registrations with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

Mr. Cox has been regularly retained by creditors to recover valuable assets from trusts and affiliates and insiders, under the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, including recently a $26,000,000 recovery for a judgment creditor.  He is regularly retained as an expert in complex lease rejection/assumption procedures arising in very large national retailer bankruptcies, including 21 landlords in the KMart bankruptcy.

Mr. Cox regularly is also consulted by non-bankruptcy attorneys when financial distress or bankruptcy affects divorce cases or the posture of the parties in general business disputes and litigation. He is also retained regularly by PLF legal malpractice defense counsel as an expert witness when the underlying malpractice claims relate to other attorneys' handling of bankruptcy cases.

Mr. Cox currently is involved in many of the nation's most visible bankruptcies, reorganizations, and receiverships, including, as of early 2017, representation of Oregon landlords affected by the bankruptcy of national retailer American Apparel, representation of a national airline service company affected by the bankruptcy of Seaport Airlines, representation of a special purpose entity as asset buyer in the Aequitas Investments SEC federal court receivership, investors/life settlement owners impacted by the proposed plan of reorganization in the Life Partners Inc. Chapter 11, and the owners/family members/spouses of owners of restructuring high-tech companies, such as Peak Web LLC.  Mr. Cox also represents healthy operating businesses in the monitoring of bankruptcy filings by their competitors.